Your around the world cruise begins in Singapore!!


About Applying

Can you apply alone?
About 70% of our passengers are people joining on their own. From children to people in their 90's, multiple generation join us. You will enjoy the ship based trip where a solo travel develops in to a trip with a team. You can also travel with you family or friends too.
What is included in the trip fare?
The fare includes your berth, 3 meals and a morning coffee and afternoon tea, onboard events and lectures (some with additional fee) are included.
Please tell me about the cancellation fee
Cancellation charge does not apply until 91 days prior to departure. Beyond 90 days to departure, charges do apply.
I have many concerns like how to communicate with home and my Chronic disease
Once you apply, you will have a appointed staff to assist you. He/She will assist you in what you need to prepare prior to your departure. You can consult with them about all your concerns

Preparing for your cruise

What shall I pack?
Once you sign up for a cruise, we will share information with you about what items you should bring for your trip such as clothing, daily goods, credit card and items that are useful during your time in ports.
Shall I bring a Credit Card?
You will be able to settle your account with a major credit card (VISA,Master,JCB,AMEX). In most ports of call, you can also use a credit card without the hassle of changing currencies. Travellers cheques are not accepted onboard and most shops in ports do not accept them, so they are not recommended.
How much cash shall I bring?
You can settle your onboard account (drinks at bars, laundry & internet services, goods bought) with a credit card, so the only occasion in which you will need to use cash is in ports of call. This depends on individual passengers' preference, but most passengers bring 3000 USD on average per person. Depending on the cruise's itinerary, some people bring both Euro and USD. If you choose to bring more cash rather than less, rest assurred that there are safety security boxes fitted in every cabin to ensure that all your valuables are safe.
How can I change my money?
An exchange service into local currencies is often available after the ship docks in port, in countries where major world curencies are not necessarily accepted. The exchange service in this case will be from USD to the local currency. Further information is available onboard.

Life onboard

Is there a Casino?
No, we prefer various events onboard!
What is the food like?
Healthy, balanced meals are available for the entirety of the cruise. Breakfast and lunch is served buffet style, while dinner in the main restaurant is a seated meal.
Fresh provisions from local ports are regularly brought onboard to ensure you can enjoy fresh and creative dishes. Menus are also occasionally themed.
I am vegetarian. What will my food be like?
The galley prepares vegetarian meals every day and offers a fully vegetarian menu. If you would like to follow a vegetarian menu onboard or have any other dietary requests, please let us know 1 month prior to your departure. While they cannot be guaranteed, we will try to accomodate your requests as much as possible. Please note that halal meals cannot be guaranteed on all cruises.
Can I drink alcohol?
Alcohol beverages are available in all onboard bars, and in most vending machines onboard.
Is there dental treatment onboard?
The onboard infirmary does not provide dental care. Dental care may not be available in the ports of call visited, so it is strongly recommended that you finish any necessary dental work before your departure.
I am worried about sea sickness
In most cases people get used to the ship's motion after a certain time. There are also tips to avoid seasicknes. Sea sickness medication is available free of charge onboard. Sleeping well, wearing loose clothing and avoiding overeating also help.
How can I do my laundry?
There is a paid, onboard laundry service. Use the laundry bag available in your cabin.
What kind of cloths shall I prepare?
The onboard temperature is maintained at a comfortable temperature throughout the cruise, and passengers are welcome to dress casually onboard in tshirts, shorts and sneakers if they wish. We also recommend that you bring some smart outfit for formal parties and dinner events onboard. While the onboard temperature will remain constant, the ship will visit a variety of different climates throughout any given cruise, so it is advisable to bring clothing suitable for these environments, too.

Communicating while onboard

Can I use the internet onboard?
WIFI is available in certain areas of the ship for a paid fee. You can connect to this service on your own device, or by using one of the desktop computers available for use onboard
How can I contact my friends, families?
You can stay in touch with your loved ones via telephone, fax, internet, or mail. Prior to departure you will receive a list of contact information for all the ports visited, which you can share with your family and friends.

Ports of Call

What can I do while in port?
Original, optional in port programmes and tours are available in each port of call visited. These could include visits to major tourist attractions, places of outstanding natural beauty, or unique cross cultural experiences. You can also enjoy your time in port by yourself without taking part in the in port programmes. Further details on the in port programmes available on each cruise will be shared with you upon registering for an upcoming cruise.