Your around the world cruise begins in Singapore!!

Visit the Mediterranean and
Scandinavia in early summer.
A voyage full of surprises!

98th Global Cruise

May 8 – August 21, 2018
(Yokohama - Yokohama / 106 days)

This cruise will visit more ports than any other Peace Boat cruise. Colourful cities, magnificent fjords, and the magical midnight sun await you in the north of Europe.
The ship will head north through sea ice to enter the Arctic Circle and cruise past Greenland's ice-bound Cape Farewell.

Highlights of 98th Cruise

  • Europe's best season Enjoy Europe at its best on an around-the-world cruise
    This is the perfect time of year to take in the breathtaking sights across both Southern and Northern Europe. Early summer is the ideal time to visit Europe, with its cool summer breezes, low humidity, and midnight sun.Enjoy the long summer days and lush greenery of a continent in bloom.
  • Norwegian Fjords Sailing through the Arctic Circle
    The Norwegian word 'fjord' means inlet. During this cruise, you will be able to see with your own eyes the impressive scale of Norway's fjords, which were carved out of the earth by glaciers over thousands of years. Visit Sognefjord, one of the three largest fjords in the world. After the Norwegian fjords, the ship will head to Reykjavik and sail through the Arctic Circle towards North America. Enjoy the stunning scenery of sheer cliff faces and snow-tipped mountains from the unique vantage point of a ship.
  • South and Central America Cuba, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico
    Visit Cuba now to enjoy its incredible music and culture. The 98th voyage is one of few voyages that visits both the United States of America and Cuba in one trip. This would have been impossible a few years ago! Visit dynamic cities in South and Central America on this voyage. You will even have a chance to learn some Spanish on board.

Around the World Cruise Map

25 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, Japan May 8, 2018
Kobe, Japan May 9
Keelung, Taiwan May 12
Singapore May 18
Colombo, Sri Lanka May 23
Passing through the Suez Canal
Santorini Island, Greece June 5
Piraeus, Greece June 6-7
Cagliari, Italy June 9
Barcelona, Spain June 11
Lisbon, Portugal June 14
Le Havre, France June 17
Saint Petersburg, Russia June 22-23
Helsinki, Finland June 24-25
Stockholm, Sweden June 26
Copenhagen, Denmark June 28
Bergen, Norway June 30
Sailing through the Norwegian Fjords
Reykjavik, Iceland July 4
Sailing through the Arctic Circle
Halifax, Canada July 10
New York, United States July 12-13
Havana, Cuba July 17
Georgetown, Cayman Islands July 19
Cartagena, Colombia July 22
Cristobal, Panama July 23-24
Passing through the Panama Canal
Puntarenas, Costa Rica July 26
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico July 31
Seattle, United States August 7
Kushiro, Japan August 19
Yokohama, Japan August 21
Kobe, Japan August 22, 2018

Option available to depart from and return to Kobe

Cabin Types And Cruise Fares

Whether traveling with family or friends,
there is a wide range of cabins to match every lifestyle and budget.

Friendly Type(Shared cabins. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Bunk beds - 5-7 12,250 SGD
Outside 4 Bunk beds □□ 4-7 13,500 SGD

Pair Type(Please apply in a pair. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Twin beds - 5-7 17,380 SGD
Outside 2 Twin beds □□ 4-7 19,380 SGD
Balcony 2 Twin beds □□ 10 35,380 SGD

Semi-single Type(Shared cabins with simple partition. Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Twin beds - 5-7 18,630 SGD
Outside 2 Twin beds □□ 4-7 20,630 SGD

Single Type(Fare per person)

Room Class Beds Bed Type Window Floor Fare (Global Cruise)


Double - 5-7 24,880 SGD
Outside 1 Double □□ 4-7 26,880 SGD

Other Expenses

  • 30% discount available for children aged 12 or under.
  • Meals are included.
  • Port charges 616 SGD and on board tips 636 SGD. Please see Summary of Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • The fares shown are from Yokohama to Yokohama. Please consult us if you wish to join a part of cruise.