A PEACE BOAT cruise is a life-changing experience.

Your around the world cruise begins in Singapore!!



What is Peace Boat ?

  • Visit many amazing destinations
  • Travel to World Heritage Sites
  • Experience the local culture
  • Immerse yourself in cross-cultural exchange
  • Turn back time
  • Make your own story

What is Peace Boat?

About Ocean Dream

Our current ship, the Ocean Dream, was built in 1981 in Denmark,
and has excellent facilities providing a unique and dynamic environment for the Peace Boat experience.
Although it may look like a regular cruise ship from the outside,
Peace Boat voyages operate very differently from traditional cruise models.

Spec of Ocean Dream
Gross Weight : 35,265t / FullLength : 205m / Draft : 7.5m / Passenger Capacity : 1422 people
Equipped with Finn Stabilizers (rolling prevention device)
Operated Company : Sea Hawk Corporation Limited Inc.